Mission: "To provide excellent patient care in a timely matter while staying up-to-date with the latest training and equipment"

2019 Zoll Volunteer Service of the Year

1 - Become an Operations Member

Many of our members start out with no training or expertise in emergency medicine. Our members receive all training necessary to test and certify as a Virginia Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) from the City of Virginia Beach. The City provides an exceptional start-to-finish training program designed to accommodate the schedules of people with jobs, families, or other daytime obligations. If you are already a certified EMT or Advanced Life Support (ALS), from other states or military training, the EMS Administration Office can help you obtain your certification to quickly become a running member of the Rescue Squad. After becoming certified, you are asked to run four(4) 12 hour shifts a month, with flexible scheduling based on the available dates you provide. You’ll also get to participate in events like EMS Appreciation Day, squad-organized adventure trips, camping trips, parties, picnics and more. Call the City EMS Admin Office to apply or find out more: (757) 385-1999.


2 - Become an Administrative Member

If you want to help out but aren't sure about becoming certified? Become an “admin member”. We always need help around the squad with something. An admin member is a full member of the Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad. Admin members do not provide patient care or ride in the ambulance. If you have a skill, talent or hobby that can help us, let us know. Admin members often help out with event planning, fund drive work, squad promotion, cleaning, organizing, and anything else that a non-profit organization needs to operate. Admin members donate their time monthly assisting in the squad’s everyday tasks. There is no maximum amount for volunteering as we would love to have you, but we do ask that you donate a minimum of 10 hours of months so you can help our organization grow.


3 - Make a Donation

If your time is scarce but you still want to help, donations of money and equipment are not only highly appreciated—they are the only reason the Volunteer Rescue Squads survive! All of our equipment is purchased using donations from the community, including the ambulances themselves. In addition to saving millions of city dollars, the donation-supported system provides a great opportunity for citizens of Virginia Beach to show their civic pride and help maintain the country’s largest volunteer rescue system. We can always make great use of donated equipment, computers, vehicles, and more! 

Cash donation may be made here

Email us at 

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or write to us at

Princess Anne Courthouse Rescue Squad

P.O. Box 6344

Virginia Beach, VA 23456



2019 Zoll Volunteer Service of the Year

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