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Did you know that Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad is responsible for purchasing and stocking our ambulances? Our funding comes not from tax dollars, but from donors like you.

Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are a 100% volunteer organization that does not bill for our services or transports to the hospital, and we rely on donations to keep our service operating.

The Squad is required to raise our own funds. Donations are used to fund the purchase of uniforms and equipment, including stretchers, medical supplies and the ambulances themselves. Your donations help provide the equipment necessary to keep our members and organization ready to respond to calls for help in our community.

There are all types of donations, from individuals to corporations, and small to Memorials, Bequests, Trusts, Endowments and Honorariums. We can always make great use of donated equipment, computers, vehicles, and more! We accept donations in the form of checks, cash, services, and goods.

Make a life-saving donation today!

Donations can be mailed to:

Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad
P.O. Box 6344
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Other Ways To Donate:

We also offer PayPal as an easy way to give.

Courthouse Horizons

Courthouse Horizons, located at 961 S. Birdneck Road, is a small event venue available for rent. All proceeds from the venue go towards supporting Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad. The venue boasts a large 2600 sq. ft. meeting hall as well as a separate 1300 sq. ft. bar area.

For more information on Courthouse Horizons, visit our Facebook page

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